Eastern Province

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Eastern Province

This is Kenya’s second largest Province stretching from the northern to the southern tip of Kenya. The North touches Ethiopia and is generally a dry area filled with scrubs and thickets. This land is inhabited by the nomadic Rendile, Gabra, Boran, and Somali tribes. The central part of it is home to the Nomadic Nilotes of the Turkana and Samburu tribes.

As you venture down south, you’ll find the Bantu speaking tribes of the Akamba, Meru and Embu. There’s a few Kikuyu, Asian, and European settlers who’ve all moved in during the last half century.

Lake Turkana

This province shares the glorious Mount Kenya and its National Park with the Central Province (this mountain game park straddles both provinces). It also shares the Lake Turkana with the Rift Valley. The remnant of Kenya’s endangered natural forest can be found in this area. These are the Mount Kenya natural forest and Marsabit natural forest.

Eastern province hosts quite a number of wildlife game reserves and parks. Starting from the North we have the:

  1. Sibiloi national park by the Lake Turkana.
  2. Marsabit national reserve.
  3. Losai national reserve
  4. Shaba national reserve
  5. Buffalo Springs National Park
  6. Samburu National Park
  7. Mt. Kenya national park and reserve
  8. Meru national park
  9. Bisanadi national reserve
  10. Mwingi Game Reserve
  11. Mwea national reserve
  12. Ol-Donyo Sabuk national park
  13. South Kitui Game Reserve
  14. Tsavo East national park
  15. Tsavo West national park

Besides the irresistible animal attractions found all over this area, there are various plateaus and hills all accentuating this Kenyan landscape. Here is a list descending downwards from the North.

  1. Mount Kulal
  2. Mount Marsabit
  3. Kaisut Plateau
  4. Sagarerua Plateau
  5. Rossarus Plateau
  6. Merti Plateau
  7. Chyulu hills
  8. Yatta plateau
  9. Mua Hills
  10. Mbooni Hills
  11. Loita Hills

The last 4 are found as one travels down towards this Province’s southern tip. On your way to and from the Coast, a stopover at these calm and serene Hills is the perfect opportunity to reflect and take in the untarnished beauty of Kenya’s Kamba-land. In addition to these mountainous vistas, there is the Ewaso Nyiro river dissecting the province in two, and the Tana and Athi rivers passing through on their way to the Indian Ocean.

The main economic activities in this area are Beef and Poultry farming as well as the growing of cash crops such as

  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Pyrethrum
  4. Cotton
  5. Wheat
  6. Barley
  7. Crops (Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers)

There are a variety of food crops growing in this region, including Maize or Corn, Irish potatoes, Beans, Cassava, Arrowroot, Millet, Sorghum, Sweet potatoes, Yams, Cowpeas, and Pumpkins.

This eastern province is a clear example of Kenya’s immense beauty and wealth. It is a land filled with potential and is ripe with possibilities. One case in point is the mining industry around Voi and the Tsavo National Park, the majority of miners are independent individuals who due to lack of capital, are reduced to using crude instruments such as pick-axes. The systematic mining of precious rocks and minerals using the latest machinery and technology has yet to be implemented in this area. In short there’s plenty of reasons for any tourist, investor, or rose importer to pay closer attention to this Eastern province and to Kenya as a whole.

These are the counties in Eastern Province

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