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Jump to: navigation, search is a culmination of extensive work that has been tirelessly compiled and created over a period of 9 years. [Everyday, We are still working to perfect it!] The website is designed to offer convenience in the means of access of information on Kenya. The content is organized in such a way that allows users to nimbly navigate through the maze of what has always been a chaotic jungle.

Margiti Inc. is an organization that reflects the need for order in information management, through its offering of planning tools for travelers, researchers, business people, students and shoppers alike. This website brings together a cohesive team of leading industry professionals from the fieds of Law, Journalism, Mathematics, Economics, Finance and Computer Systems Development who are dedicated to the delivery of timely and relevant information to you.

We are a unique, fresh, and comprehensive information provider on a global scale with a great Social Responsibility. Our mission? To provide an intricate, detailed and accurate account of the country. Margiti Inc is a company that operates a modern platform that is dedicated to the structuring and systematization of global data. It is also an arm of the information services division of the Africa mercantile exchange corporation (AfMX®). The Africa Mercantile Exchange is a Commodity Exchange based in Nairobi, Kenya

Our novelty? It is our conscious mission as pioneers of this information age to deviate from the path of the stereotypical and monotonous world of brochures and encyclopedias and to focus on the dynamic, unexplored avenues and beckoning opportunities of this our global village.

We are based in Kenya and naturally we have started with our home turf.

Here at Margiti, We will endeavour to continuously organize and transcribe information into a more usable format for your dedicated use. You will also appreciate that you will find sectored information that is more intelligible and therefore saving yourself loads of your valuable time.

It suffices to say that for all your planning needs in the regions we are already covering you can rely on the margiti resources. We therefore invite you to visit our sites and together we will experience the splendour of this beautiful information haven.

When not marshalling universal records, The AfMX® Africa Mercantile Exchange offers a conventional futures market for the listing and trading of commodity futures, options and other derivatives incorporating the best of technologies and settlement systems. We are also involved in the development of capacity for the listing of commodities including those produced and processed in Africa. The instruments traded on the AfMX® are agricultural commodities, energy products, interest rate tools, currencies, indexes and alternative investments. We also offer cross-listing services for other off-shore listed and traded securities on our exchange. This aspect makes us the choice for clients willing to develop a truly global presence in commodities exchange listing and trading.

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