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The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), established in 1991 under KAA Act, Chapter 395 of the Laws of Kenya, provides facilitative infrastructure for aviation services between Kenya and the outside world. Its main functions are to:

The Kenya Airports Authority is an autonomous body established in 1991 through an act of parliament and is charged with an umbrella responsibility of providing and managing a coordinated system of airports in the country.

Prior to its formation, the former erstwhile Aerodromes Department under the Ministry of Transport and Communication handled this responsibility.

In its brief period of existence, the Authority has undergone tremendous structural changes intended to make the organization a result-driven and customer focused establishment.

The Authority’s mission is to facilitate seamless connectivity through provision of efficient and effective airports facilities and services in an environmentally sustainable manner to exceed stakeholder expectations

This will be achieved primarily through our human resources, who will be highly motivated, effective, and offered the best careers in airport operations and management in the region. The organization seeks to offer class-leading returns on capital invested to its shareholders.

  1. administer, control and manage aerodromes,
  2. provide and maintain facilities necessary for efficient operations of aircrafts,
  3. provide rescue and fire fighting equipment and services,
  4. construct, operate and maintain aerodromes and other related activities,
  5. construct or maintain aerodromes on an agency basis on the request of any Government Department,
  6. provide such other amenities or facilities for passengers and other persons making use of the services or facilities provided by the Authority as may appear to the Board necessary or desirable; and
  7. approve the establishment of private airstrips and control of operations thereof.

The main airports manage by the authority are:-

International Airports

Domestic Airports


Planning to start your own airline, want to ply the Kenyan skies, want to fly the country’s airspace, want to transport your cargo by air into and out of the country?

The Kenya airports authority [KAA] are in charge of all the country’s airports and support systems.

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