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"Karibu kwa Margiti" - Welcome to Margiti.

Maasai Moran in Session

We bring to your desktop or palm; An efficient Marketplace with information about Kenya and Africa. At this site, you will find a comprehensive source of products to meet your substantive needs.

Virtually, by a simple type-in at the search bar above; you have access to whatever you might require to know about, find and acquire from Kenya and the World. We offer a completely secure market platform for all our customers, users and visitors alike.

While on this site you can transact your everyday business. Furthermore, you can also buy the best of Kenya Tea[[1]], Coffee[[2]], Djembes[[3]] and African music[[4]]. All of your orders will be delivered to your doorstep or at a location of your own convenience. Similarly,you can also communicate with our Maasai Tour Guides in the Maasai Mara national reserve who can help you with the complex process of putting together a safari that will suit your taste. You may also book and pay for your Safari[[5]] on this website.

Taking a random walk, this site continuously acts as a social and enterprise bridge between the digitized space and the actual world. It seeks to complement the existing web-portals by enhancing the delivery of market specific content without necessarily raising the cost of access to products.

It is this distinct feature that makes Margiti a true revolution in the way that web content seamlessly interphases with real commerce. We strive to give Kenyan People, Places, Events, Products and Processes an online appeal that is search typical, customer focused and innovatively delivered through an approach that is cost efficient.

We invite you to stay abreast with all the offers at Margiti - The Marketplace.

Thank you for visiting Margiti - The Marketplace.

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