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The Northeastern Province

As the saying goes, “every silver lining has a touch of grey”; Kenya is no exception. Although it is generally a wonderfully green land with very fertile soil and moderate weather, there is the North Eastern province dry and sparsely populated to balance it all out. This area is reputed to be the driest and most unproductive part of Kenya. It experiences the extreme weather patterns of drought and flashfloods often. The uncertain nature of this climate often brings about famine for it’s inhabitants. In the past decades, this province didn’t get much attention from the government in terms of receiving resources and infrastructure development. Naturally, this political and economic marginalization means that this province lacks the basic necessities of good roads, hospitals, and schools. This state of affairs prompts a lot of drought relief Aid agencies to spend much time, money, and resources here.

Kenya North Eastern

This North Eastern Province stretches from the southern tip of the Indian Ocean to Kenya’s Northern border with Ethiopia. It also shares a large border with Somali to the east. It’s native and current inhabitants are exclusively Somali Cushites who are pastoralists (livestock herders who wander from place to place seeking pasture and water for their cows, camels, sheep and goats). These pastoralists are mostly divided into clans (large family units), who occupy certain areas. The Degodia are in Wajir and Mandera. The Ajuran in Mandera, and the Gurreh and Murulle both in Mandera. These clans live in their own villages or camps until they are forced to move in search of better pasture. There is intense competition and rivalry between the different clans due to the scarcity of resources; this often results in conflict and skirmishes between the rival clans. All this tends to give this province the negative image of a land filed with insecurity. However, as the pertinent issues of food and water are addressed, these communities find themselves living together in harmony.

Despite all the obstacles and adversities faced by the inhabitants of this North Eastern Province, it is still the cherished home of these Kenyan citizens. It is also home to several of Kenya’s wildlife species. Some of the noteworthy parks in this province are the Central Island national park, Malka Mari national park on the Ethiopian border, the Rahole Game Reserve adjoined to the Kora National Park, and further down south we find the Arawale and Boni Game Reserves.

These are the counties in North Eastern Province

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